HARTT plank paneling has been produced to the same high standards for more than 40 years. However, that does not mean we have not improved our processes. Our combined knowledge is invaluable and gives us an edge in today’s market. We have the knowhow, the production facility and the distribution network to supply a top of the market product to purchasers worldwide.

Our combination of carefully selected raw materials and efficient machinery allows us to offer you a quality product at a very competitive price. As a starting point, we only use the best wood: certified Scandinavian wood, Baltic and Russian specially graded wood, Whitewood and Redwood.

We have become an industry leader thanks to developing our machines in-house. The speed, precision and efficiency are unrivaled, making our product both high quality and affordable. This, together with the number of profiles we have developed over the years, helps us create the exact private (white) label product our customers desire.

HARTT plank paneling is a brand by Hakwood, a leading manufacturer of premium European hardwood products. Our knowledge of wood and our technical expertise carry through every product we make.


Our skills and technology ensure HARTT is:


With our thougtfully produced HARTT products, your customers will be able to enjoy all the benefits of a premium product at a competitive price.


We pride ourselves in the quality of our process, which ensures you get the maximum usable product with every order you place.


Shipping, handling and storage are efficient: we package our product to optimise space for your means of transport and warehouse facility.


In today's world we face limited availability and unstable prices. We promise to only sketch a realistic picture of the current situation and possibilities.


HARTT is one of the few manufacturers who are able to customise plank paneling according to your customer’s demands. At our factory in Werkendam, the Netherlands, we are proud to have a production capacity that is able to meet your demand today, as well as in the future. Together with our clients, we continuously search for ways to make our product more appealing, more flexible and more convenient to use, transport and store. Thanks to our experience and flexibility, we can match existing product specifications or help to develop a new concept.

In short: we have what it takes to be your long-term partner for the reliable supply of premium quality plank paneling. We are happy to discuss any wishes and needs you may have!


Reasons why you should choose HARTT as your manufacturer:


Progressive design and technical knowledge have been combined in order to create our distinct and environmentally responsible products.


As we manufacture all of our products in-house, we control every step of the process. Because of this, we can promise that all our products are produced with the utmost respect and focus on detail and quality.


The foundation of HARTT is built on a strong family relationship. Together, we work hard every day to earn your trust and exceed your expectations in all aspects.


The journey of our plank paneling starts with the unique and natural essence of wood.
FSC® and PEFC™ certified products are available upon request. Our Certification Codes are: SCS-COC-000609 and SCS-PEFC/COC-00 609.